We help you become self sufficient so you can
meet your sustainable development goals

Our Approach

Project Feasibility

Technical Viability for Investment

We introduce the concept of solar power and ideas for its implementation to our industrial and commercial customers so they can understand why solar energy makes sense to them. Our solar energy solutions are capable of delivering quick returns on investments while serving as an effective solution to high energy tariffs.

Advice and Guidance

Risk analysis and Investment support

We provide support and guidance to our industrial and commercial customers when it comes to investing in the solar power sector, connecting them to potential partners, or providing them with tailored expertise on how to manage their investments. We also equip our customers' teams to present financial and technical feasibility proposals to their internal management.


Solar Power Plant Construction

Once an investment mandate is cleared, we revisit site for detailed survey, complete design and engineering and undertake process for approvals and permits. A detailed assessment on the plant's structure, safety, technical features, security and overall appearance are done before start of the construction and final execution of solar power plant.

Operation and Maintenance

Ensuring flawless performance

Our operations and maintenance service includes monitoring the system operations, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance of the plant and providing quick solutions. Regular preventive maintenance and system upgrades helps to increase the performance of solar power plant. We provide a customized O&M package tailored to each client’s needs.

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