Harnessing the Power of Your Roof With Solar

Businesses big and small are now focusing on sustainability. When the power to harness the most abundant resource on the planet, sunlight, is on hand, it presents a great investment opportunity—an opportunity to secure the sustainable growth of your firm. Relying on solar installation companies in India to power your needs reaffirms your commitment towards sustainable growth in the eyes of your clients and stakeholders.

Savings on direct consumption

With rooftop solar, considerable savings can be generated on your electricity bills. A rooftop solar power plant represents an efficient utilisation of space that would, under ordinary circumstances, merely passively absorb the heat of the sun all day. A rooftop plant is ideal to achieve economic utilisation of that very space.

A critical advantage of the rooftop solar power plant is the room that it affords for direct consumption, i.e., consumption at the site of power generation. However, in order to achieve efficient self-consumption, it is important to arrive at your daily power needs. This number will allow the plant to be designed for your needs. Ideally, the maximum power that a rooftop plant can generate should fall a fraction short of your maximum daily consumption. If the solar plant’s maximum generation capacity were greater than the maximum consumption, the difference between the maximum generated and the maximum consumed would be merely dumped into the grid (in a grid-tied system). This would be a syphoning of the cost efficiency woven into your investment into designing and building the solar power generation plant. Therefore, consumption estimates that can be made from electricity bills alone would go a long way towards ensuring that the carefully designed and constructed rooftop solar power plant is put to maximum use.

Exploring Rooftop Solar to match your business needs

Rooftop power Solar energy makes for an ideal energy source for businesses that consume large volumes of power. The power generated by the plant can be put to myriad uses. We have seen the benefits of solar roof solutions reaped by several industries. From the arena of manufacturing—of automotive components, machinery, textiles, chemicals, etc.—to the arena of cold storage, the benefits of a rooftop solar plant span across industries. Several consumption-intensive factories today derive their entire power needs from solar alone, allowing them to drastically scale back their operating costs.

A rooftop plant is easy to maintain and install. The plant does not require any large-scale resources for maintenance. The bare minimum maintenance requirement is to merely keep the solar modules clean so that dust doesn’t settle on them and curb their efficiency. Solar plants usually come with a warranty of around 25 years—a timeline long enough to earn your investment back and reap the savings from your reduced dependence on the grid.

Visually alone, rooftop solar power plants are a confident affirmation of the commitment to sustainable ways of business. Solar modules add a sophisticated gleam to your roofs. Being an advocate of sustainable energy is indeed a thing to be proud of. Proclaiming your commitment to securing a cleaner and greener future with bright blue modules in the sunlight is a wonderful statement to highlight that very purpose.

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