Tetra Pak Case Study

The Pune plant of Tetra Pak is their largest Plant in Asia. A 2MWp rooftop solar project in Maharashtra State.  They have Gas generators (2MVA) which are catering to 90% of the power requirement and are connected to all the critical loads in the unit. The main reason for Tetra Pak to go for solar was sustainability (primary reason), to achieve a green building stature. Savings was secondary for Tetra Pak. To achieve this, we had to synchronise the massive gas generators with the solar panels since the gas generators were the primary source of power for the manufacturing unit.


Facilitating a solar transformation within Tetra Pak’s largest plant in Asia was a journey replete with several challenges, including: 

  • Panels and safety lines had to be laid on five different roofs. This distributed roof system makes cable pulling tedious and challenging. 
  • The PV Panels had to be mounted without damaging the roof. Which means, penetrative mounting procedures were off the chart.
  • Meeting all timelines efficiently, especially amid the COVID outbreak made it an arduous proposition. 


We overcame the hurdles of PV panel installation across the split roof with proficient project execution skills.  We incorporated a non-penetrative approach to avoid drilling holes on the roof area.  Using a special type of glue, we were able to stick the PV panels onto the roof which can withstand high wind speeds comfortably. Moreover, Enerparc’s adept project management skills ensured that the project was executed on record, with all necessary safety protocols in place amidst  the unpredictable pandemic situation. 

Unique Tech Feature:

The entire 2MW is controlled with one single SCADA system and only 8 inverters are controlled via HMI, which are connected to the gas generator. Both Auto and Manual modes of operation were made possible due to the involvement of the critical load, thus making it a one-of-a-kind project across the industry. 

At the time of execution, synchronising the solar plant with gas generators was a unique endeavour that very few companies had the confidence and technical prowess to execute. That’s also one of the major factors that helped Enerparc earn Tetra Pak’s trust. In addition to a skilled display of technical expertise, Enerparc’s solar plant design was also FM approved, adding to its credibility and inspiring confidence among customers. 

A Strategic Investment in the Sun: 

Devising carbon reduction strategies is Tetra Pak’s mantra. Lowering energy-related emissions has gained prominence over the years and Tetra Pak is contributing to the cause through energy conservation, improvements in energy efficiency, and installing on-site solar photovoltaics (solar PV) for their operations. Since 2011, Tetra Pak has installed a 2MW rooftop solar PV for their Pune Plant, producing green energy whilst saving big on operational costs.

Tetra Pak has set an ambitious target to source 100% renewable electricity by 2030. In the same light, they extended the use of renewable electricity across their factories from 69% in 2019 to 83% in 2020, surpassing their preset target of 80%. This achievement puts them on track to meet the RE100 targets of 80% by 2020 and 100% by 2030.

Along with their sustainability goals being met, Tetra Pak is also saving huge on their operational expenditure. The 2MW rooftop solar plant saved around 2.15 crore INR  during the first year and is projected to save an estimated 49.67 crore INR by the end of 25 years, which is a staggering feat to achieve. 

Hence, Tetra Pak has emerged as a classic case study on how one can incorporate sustainable practises and also save big on their operational expenditure.

Quick Facts


Estimated 25-Year Saving


Estimated First Year Savings

2000kWp (2MW)

System Size

Half-cell Monocrystalline

Module Technology

Customer Testimonial

“We aim to achieve our operations to be a global benchmark, which means maximising efficiency. Investing in renewable power, and utilising certified “green buildings” has helped us to be recognized as pioneers in this direction. We are committed to reaching net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in our own operations by 2030. Enerparc has guided us through this journey and made it effortless with their expertise in solar power projects.“
Pradeep Ghine
Procurement Head

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