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Kurlon Enterprise Limited, a home comfort products manufacturer, pioneered in modern mattresses, one of the Super brands in India and a leading player in the segment have installed a ground mounted 1000KWp solar power system in the premises of their state of art manufacturing plant at Ghirongi, Malanpur Industrial Area in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

This plant is in continuation of Kurlon’s tradition of innovation for the overall benefit of the society and contribution to a cleaner and greener environment.

The 1MW solar plant was constructed in 3 phases by Enerparc India, the 1st phase of the system, 400KWp was designed, constructed and commissioned in August, 2016, 2nd phase, a 200KWp system was commissioned in July, 2017 and 3rd phase of 400KWp in March, 2018.  The installed solar system at Kurlon would generate approx. 15,30,000 kWh of energy per annum, enough to power 40% of plant’s energy needs and will be utilized for the captive energy requirement of plant. It will help save approx. 1400 MT of Co2 emission to environment.

Installed Solar system is grid synchronized with net metering on the HT side. so that in case of excess generation due to low load condition the energy can be exported back to grid and offset during high load.

Enerparc Energy has always believed in the growth of solar market in the category of self-generation for captive consumption, which is quickly picking up in India due to its biggest driver, “Savings in Energy Cost”. In addition Enerparc India has also commissioned three more solar plants for Kurlon in state of Karnataka, bringing the total PV Solar installed capacity at Kurlon to 1.55MW.

Project Details

Customer: Kurlon Enterprise Ltd.

Location: Gwalior ,

Capacity: 1 MW


Construction Time: 3 months

Scope: EPC

Others: Ground mounted system with string inverters, grid synchronization and web monitoring

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