Solar in 2020

01 January 2021

2020! What a year it was! A complete washout or an unexpected windfall?  Depends on one’s point of view. While the solar industry had its share of ups and downs in the year, instead of looking more deeply how the year went for the industry, it is worthwhile to look at the year ahead and highlight what are some of the factors which will have a major bearing for this industry....


Year 2020: Challenges in Project Management of Solar projects

18 December 2020

There is no doubt that Year 2020 has brought unprecedented challenges to the whole world owing to COVID-19 Pandemic. It was like the world has pressed its “RESET” button. Solar projects in India which contributes to a large share of India’s renewable energy growth has also undergone a great test. We try to explore challenges we faced in project management of Solar project...


Customising Solar needs of the C&I sector

06 November 2020

Announcement of National Solar Mission, 2010, charted out path to achieve 20 GW of installation by year 2022, bought out lots of cheers and jubilation in the country amongst stakeholders in solar industry as mission. Even though, the initial phase of the mission started slow, it picked up momentum and raised the target from 20 GW to 100 GW to be achieved in the same time frame....


Auctions and the Indian Solar market.

23 October 2020

Source: SolarDae  Auctions in many countries have played a pivotal role to allocate scarce resources to maximize social welfare. Other methods used the world over have been Lottery system, first-come-first-serve or allocation systems. But none of these methods ensures that scarce resources are allocated to peo...


Solar Industry-Best Practices for Safety & Maintenance

10 September 2020

Solar power plants convert solar energy into electrical energy and they are the source of high-voltage DC. Any source of high voltage DC comes with a considerable amount of risks and could prove fatal if not dealt with proper precautions and safety measures. The solar industry follows a set of best practices to keep the worksite safe and adheres to best practices in maintenan...


“Energy Independence using solar”

27 August 2020

The primary means of energy generation is going to solar. It will at least be a plurality, and probably be a slight majority in the long term - Elon Musk For years, electricity generated from Solar Photovoltaic power has been a secondary source of power augmenting available grid power which have been generated mainly from coal or other fossil fuels. However, today, wi...


Enerparc India Commissions Solar Project for Zydus

03 May 2019

Enerparc is immensely glad to commission 400 kWp rooftop solar power plant for Zydus Hospira. The plant has been set up at Zydus Hospira manufacturing unit in the Pharma SEZ facility at  Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat. Mr. Ranjit Menon of Zydus Hospira said, “As a leading innovator in and provider of high-quality healthcare, Zydus Hospira is deeply aware of the need for...


Leading Company for Welding Equipment goes Green with Enerparc Energy

15 March 2019

Enerparc India is happy to announce the commissioning of 518kWp rooftop solar plant for one of the leading welding equipment and consumable manufacturer.  The plant is located at Raipur, in state of Chhattisgarh. Enerparc Energy Pvt. Ltd. provided turnkey solutions by carrying out the design, engineering, construction and commissioning of the plant with necessary approvals....